Send smarter mail.

Dream Mail helps you grow your business automatically.
Packed with features like automation and segmentation
staying organised and on top of your customers is simple.

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Get your customer’s attention with clean and simple designs that are on brand, flexible and look great on all devices.

How it works


Work with our talented design team to create templates
that stand out. Once created easily edit imagery and copy.


Setup a reengagement strategy for automating follow ups
with targeted information based on customer behaviour.


Determine how impactful your campaigns and make
future improvements with in-depth reporting.


Combine Dream Mails powerful features to improve your
marketing strategy and overall business in the eyes of your customer.

Setup multiple templates to automatically send out depending on your
customers interests and behaviour.



Dream Mail packs industry-leading design with intelligent automation, segmentation and analytics features for targeted results. Combined with an easy-to-use dashboard, Dream Mail makes it easier than ever to manage one of the most important aspect of any business - keeping in touch with every customer.

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Marketing automation has become an essential part of every business mix. Send timely updates, showcase products and keep your brand at the forefront of your customers radar. Dream Mail makes it easy to drive more value to your business on a regular basis.